Days of Enlightenment


Last week, Dave had the privilege of appearing on tvhr9 for a sit down interview with Eric Latour to discuss the creation of Days of Enlightenment. Here it is:

Dog’s Eyes is about questioning our beliefs and seeing beyond them to define our own truth…Enjoy!!!


One of the oldest songs on the album is track thirteen entitled Dog’s Eyes. To help promote its debut on Live88.5 this Wednesday, January 17th at 10:20pm, we have decided to release an acoustic version of the song. As you will hear, this version was recorded prior to adding the sitar, bass, drums, percussion, gong, bells and strings. Please enjoy and be sure to tune in to Live88.5 to hear the album version.


Here is our live acoustic performance of Mortal Part from our interview on CKCU 93.1. Thanks again to Jeff Larocque for having us on the program.


For those of you who were unable to hear Mortal Part on Live88.5, we recorded it for you and you can listen to it here. Also, if you would like to show your support for Mortal Host, please request the song Mortal Part by phone at 613-727-8850 or by emailing Noel at


As a thank you for everyone’s support and positive feedback, we have decided to release an acoustic version of Mortal Part (minus the lyrics on the chorus). Enjoy!


During the recording of the album, one song that evolved significantly was Collecting Dust. It might seem like a short, simple song but the message is strong and poignant and this acoustic version illustrates that.


Days of Enlightenment is the new album by Mortal Host and it features 13 original songs. The album is a compilation of songs created between 2014-2017 and was recorded between May and October 2017 at Alchimik and Hart Studios. The song featured below is track number 5 and it is called Out of the Whole.